• international life coachTestimonial for Peter Lawrence.

I am delighted to write this testimonial for Pete because he has changed my life, for the better.

Before I had a session with him my life was a mess.

I was drinking and smoking heavily, relying on medication and my family was suffering because of my low esteem, among other things.

Pete is so calm, understanding and had what seemed like never ending patience with me when I look back!

While now, while I can’t say my problems are over, I am in a much better place since starting with Pete.

He has taught me how to set goals and achieve them and to like myself again.

I still have regular sessions with Pete and things get better and better.

Without hesitation I can recommend Pete to  anyone.

N    (name withheld, female , 25-30)

Christchurch  New Zealand


  • Testimonial for Peter Lawrence.

On my first consultation with Pete, I was distressed because of relationship issues.

It was impacting on my work, home and children.

I found Pete to be a very good listener with lots of good strategies to enable me to overcome my difficulties.

Pete has a way of using these methods to "calm the waters" with his seemingly natural ability to promote positivity from within, holistically.

Pete is really easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease right from the start.

The second problem that I presented to Pete was with my 12 year old son, who was led astray by his peers.

He refused to go to school, and was abusing legal highs and was suffering with anger issues. 

             Pete was able to give excellent advise and support on how to deal with these issues.

My son is now in a residential school and Pete has provided me with lots of great coping methods to cope with the "tough love techniques that I have found especially difficult to handle.

My sons father and ex-partner very sadly passed away due to a over dose from drug abuse's.

I felt very lonely as my family and friends are in the UK.

Pete has been great support at these very dire times, he is always there to listen no matter when i felt the need for support.

 I have no hesitation in recommending Pete to any one in times of need.

Pete is very knowledgeable and seems to have all the correct advise and answers in any given situation.

I have found Pete to be a great inspiration with a great sense of humour and able to make you forget your problems with laughter at times.

Deena,aged 35-40

Christchurch New Zealand



  • Testimonial for Peter Lawrence.


Since knowing Peter, I have utilized his experience as a life coach during a recent cross roads in my career and home life.

Peter's positive, encouraging support has made a huge impact on helping me to see things from a different perspective and to refocus my thoughts to move on towards a much brighter future.

Peters warm, understanding manner, along with his great sense of humour makes him an extremely easy person to talk to.

 I would highly recommend anyone who requires any of the many services this wonderful man provides, you won't regret it.


Melissa Hunt

Enrolled Nurse

Christchurch New Zealand


  •  Testimonial for Peter Lawrence.

Pete Lawrence changed my life !

At 58 years of age I took a leap of faith, leaving a well paid job to a live on 
an extremely limited budget, in order to pursue a career path that I should have undertaken 40 years earlier.
Following the recent loss of my precious mother (the only remaining rock in my life), 

I met Pete, who then became my new rock.

With Pete's guidance and mentoring I managed to overcome extreme barriers to meet my new future head on.
Pete himself is an inspiration to me, overcoming his own life's impairments to inspire others.

Cherry D,

Christchurch, New Zealand 


I am willing to share the copies of these written testimonials, to any client that books an appointment, as validation of what is written on the website.

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