Our Ethos

international life coachThe ethos of Action Life Coaching can best summarised  through our mission to serve:


 idea action2










Action is a reflection of what underpins  my relationship with you as a client







take action2

   Life coaching speaks to the individuals needs, it recognises that the work we do together, needs to  be   mindful and nurturing, and by caring for the client, by being attentive and clearly organised, the utmost potential gain can be achieved.


Life coaching is a process where by the client  takes reponsibility for the goals that are set out to be achieved...

 it measures accountability,  this process holds the client in check and helps them avoid the usual aspects of self sabotage,  that would normally have them failing to achieve ... in one or more aspects of their life.

Life coaching challenges the current behaviours and asks instead to re-instate meaningful and worthwhile outcomes, in doing so changes habits of a lifetime, that have left you where you are, as an individual,but quite often get lost in the process, but carry the deep seated aspirations to make a difference.



A journey begins with the decision to step forward and take the risk.... 

as I  stand of precipise of this cliff called my life,

I can turn back ........or step forward........  in the knowledge that

I can fall or I can fly.....

 My journey is to trust in the process and allow the outcome to flow,

knowing that I am supported  to enable me to fly and touch the sky.