Time Management

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Do you frequently miss lunch ? 

...... find that you are  regularily late for meetings or appointments

...late home on most nights?


Do  you take work home because it has not met your work deadlines?

 .....wished you had more  time with the children ?

....cannot get off to sleep easily ?

international life coach

To get an idea of your routine with work, home children and the myriad of other tasks one does I ask you to give me a breakdown, or  plan of your life over a week, fortnight or month, everybody is different.

Then the fun starts as we begin the our journey to overhaul your life, and believe me it is fun!


The rush to get to appointments and meetings will be gone as will the missed lunches and eating "on the run".

You will not take work home with you and will be able to have the evening meal with your spouse and children, at a decent hour! ...........you may even get a good, uninterrupted nights sleep for once.

Together we can plan, revive, revisit, and frequently, with just a few minor  adjustments, sometimes many, your whole life can change.?

Does that sound too good to be true? Believe me I can help.

I can offer a solution for you. 

 By helping you to arrange your work around your life instead of your life around your work, I can guide you on a better pathway, for the better!


Learn how to remove the clutter of stressful situations, and  demands on your time... sometimes it is  just learning how to say NO  gracefully that can be an eyeopener to bring you back from the brink of being  constantly overwhelmed ....


Together we establish desired outcomes, recognise the challenges, and build a workable plan to follow so that it becomes natural and effective  as part of your daily life style.