Terms & Conditions



I will maintain, and store records created during my coaching business in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security, and privacy, and complies with any applicable laws and regulations.

No information relating to you or your privacy will not disclosed or shared with any third party unless instructed to do so by the courts.


All records held by me will be destroyed or incinerated after twelve (12) months of being in my possession, after having left my services.



No refunds will be given, you will receive  my professional attention for each of the planned and pre-paid seasons as stated in our contract.

You will be required to give no less than FORTY EIGHT (48) hours notice of any cancellation of any pre-booked and    prepaid sessions, IN ORDER TO  HAVE A NEW  DATE SET  WITHOUT FORFEIT OF THE PRE PAID  FEE.

There will be no credits given for any cancelled or non attend sessions where, less than twenty Four (24) hours  or nil notice is given- THIS FEE WILL NOT BE CREDITED TO A NEW APPOINTMENT TIME.

The Coach does not accept any liability for the consequences of any information given to him  that is misleading or inaccurate, that affects the result of the life coaching.



The Customer shall pay the Supplier for all costs actually incurred by the Supplier in the recovery of any monies owed by the Customer to the Supplier under this Agreement.

Location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor/client basis.

Any default of payment will incurr default being lodged with local debt recovery agency and be listed on the relevant credit bureau.