My Fees

The first session is absolutely free.

This allows you time  to decide if I can be of benefit to you, 

  • to discover what your goals are,
  • if there are confidence issues,
  • if time management creates challenges for you,


or in fact anything else has a significant impact on your daily life.

Pay with Paymate Express

I would set up a life coach plan if we are both agreeable, of  four sessions of around fifty  (50) minutes,

  • initially at $150.00 incl GST per session                             
  • $500.00 incl GST if  the 4 sessions are paid in advance.
  • Payment avaible online via PAYMATE - credit card  / DEBIT VISA processing
  • Please email if you wish to pay by internet banking and I will provide this bank account information

All fees are to be paid at the time of the appointment - No credit will be given- if these sessions have not been prepaid.

Subsequent sessions 

  • after the inital 4 weeks will be at $150.00,  if a contractual agreement has been signed and the next block of 4  apppointments are scheduled.

No session fees will be refunded if a session is missed or cancelled without 24 hours prior notice..

PLEASE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN FULL so that in making a booking with me, it is agreed that you have accepted these TERMS AND CONDITIONS  at time of booking any and all appointments and accepted the fees as charged from time to time.

Community Service Card holders - let us discuss the rates that are workable for you and can help you achieve the new job, career or personal development that helps you put living, on the WINZ benefit, behind you.

After the first four sessions either party may terminate the contract.


Ongoing and interim support 

Contact via Skype, Video Conference, email, land phone, or text messaging is welcome
but this is charged at the same contractual rate applicable per session.
At my discretion, some International telecomunication charges may apply over and above these fees.