Goal Setting

international life coachWe often, as Individuals,  have a desire or an aspiration that IF ONLY , we could achieve ...

Some people call it dreams,

Some call it an aspirations.


Did you realise that these dreams we carry, these aspirations  we hold on to, are but Goals without deadlines ?

I ask you to consider that what is important , what is a deep seated desire  that has meaning to you, but so far, have not found  the ways to bring it forward and together we consider how we can make this achieveable.


This Principle is called " S-M-A-R-T  methodology

By setting  in place Our Goals ( now we have targeted deadlines and timelines to focus on), as finally we chosen to take ACTION












We have something

  • To aspire to
  • strive for
  • Achieve
  • Grow toward


One of the many models I use for goal setting is the " GROW" model.

Goal, Reality, Options, Will.




This one of many very helpful models for goal setting.

 We also  use the Socrates  Model which promotes critical thinking.