Confidence Building

self esteem


Having low confidence can be conducive to low self esteem which may then lead to depression  becoming a dominant factor in your life. 

Let me help you to 'nip it in the bud' with a series of sessions that will build your confidence it follows that your self esteem will lift as well.

This is done by unique, holistic methods and interactive sessions

Having a low self esteem is sometimes likened to trying to hide from the world.

On such method is to allow yourself "me time".

Me time is that part of the day that is reserved  for you and you alone. You may walk the dog, have a swim, walk along the beach or even just read a book or whatever you  enjoy. This time is precious and it is yours to look forward to.

Sometimes all it takes is for the coach to give you permission to have me time.

Another "must do" is to Reward Yourself

You must Reward yourself  for any success or achievement in your life because you deserve  it and you have  earned  it!


Our words are a reflection of ourselves

Self talk  and words we use to descibe ourselves is often the key to making the changes needed.

What we believe ourselves to be, is reflected in our actions and interactions with others.

Learn to recognise the words and actions that are positive and building  of self esteem and find the mechanisms that are currently hindering you to the life you deserve



Love who you are and generate the respect you  truly deserve