Inspirational Speaker

In my journey,  I have found that the life story that follows with me, reaches out to young and old,  to find a way to help them meet their challenges in life, head on.

I was recently given the opportunity to present an inspirational speech to the high school boys of Year 9 -Year 13.

-- Shirley Boys High School, Christchurch NZ

I am passionate about reaching this  age group to help them know that whatever life throws at you, there is a way to succeed beyond these daunting events and challenges.

Here is my link to this presentation on YOUTUBE

and if you would like me to give a presentation to your community group- or school -or business event -

I look forward to discussing the opportunity to meet with you, via skype or Face to Face and formatting my life story into a relevant topic that you would me like to share 


WHAT VALUE CAN I ADD TO THE PEOPLE I MEET,  THROUGH THE CONVERSATIONS I HAVE. make a difference, the audience needs to connect and engage with my message of hope and resilence - LET ME SHARE THIS TODAY !