international life coach Looking for a Life Coach that has empathy and understanding of the TRAUMA issues                                      you have gone through.....?


Needing someone who can walk the road with you....

to support you as you move through the challenges .... 

to rebuild and reconnect to the elements in your life that are IMPORTANT to you

as you endeavour to move  forward  to regain your Self Esteem 




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My Philosophy is that having fun is conducive to good life coaching. 
I believe that your life coach should be someone who can walk beside you, and also be your shadow guide.



Overview  of  my  Professional Services include:


I can help you restructure the parts of your life that no longer work for you,                            

to re-establish some of the more enjoyable pieces of your life,

that have been displaced by temporary necessity, or unforseen events.


I encourage goal setting as one method of regaining a persons perspective on managing your life.

This is attained by setting a main goal and then discussing steps toward that goal.


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Is time management an issue for you ?

Do you wish that there were more hours in a day ?

 I can offer  solutions that work  for you.

By helping you to arrange your work around your life, instead of your life around your work,

I can guide you on a better pathway.


Do you think  the tide of Life is  ALWAYS GOING AGAINST YOU ?

Struggling with  the feeling people around you, always seem to only see your failures and faults?


I can offer  simple and realsistic  solutions that make for a  more balanced perspective  

Let me help work with you to  build  back confidence, it follows that your self esteem will lift.


Together....  we connect your life story to give meaning, regardless of past circumstances ,  to help you believe in what your  dreams aspirations and desires are  and find pathways that feel comfortable for you to achieve  these outcomes......

Your first step is making THE DECISION,  seeking the help to achieve the clarity in your day to day life, and  we can paint a picture of the new YOU, in words and in actions that makes for a life, you are seeking and truly deserve.


         Begin by making these changes  


               The Choice is yours 


                                 You deserve more from YOUR  life.


self esteem






                  LOVE  THE NEW LIFE 

                   Do Not  let  Trauma  on any  level, be a reason for you,                                                                                           not to achieve what you  truly desire 


Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
George Washington Carver